Trail run 134, 55 and 30 km in the northwestern Finnish Lapland.
13–14 July 2018 Ylläs–Pallas–Hetta, Finland.



On Friday available starting at

4 pm 30 km
6 pm 134 km

On Saturday available starting at 12 am 55 km


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11.00 - 21.00Numeroiden jako / Bib Pickup kaikki matkat / all distancesYlläsjärvi
16.0030 KM LÄHTÖ / STARTYlläsjärvi
20.00Palkintojenjako / Prize ceremony 30 kmYlläsjärvi
18.00134 KM LÄHTÖ / STARTYlläsjärvi
24.0030 km maali sulkeutuuYlläsjärvi
9.00 - 11.30Numeroiden jako / Bib Pickup 55 kmPallas
12.0055 KM LÄHTÖ / STARTPallas
22.00Palkintojenjako / Prize ceremony 55 km & 134 kmHetta
Kisabussit / Event buses
Kyydin varanneille / For those who have prebooked
PE / FRIBussi 134 km lähtöön / Bus departs to 134 km start
Hetan Kota 14.15, Lapland Hotel Hetta 14.20, Hotelli Jussan Tupa 14.25, St1 Enontekiö 14.30, Äkäslompolo Jounin kauppa n.16.05
Hetta => Ylläs
LA / SATBussit 55 km lähtöön / Buses departs to 55 km start

Hetta) St1 Enontekiö 8.45, Hotel Jussan Tupa 8.50, Lapland Hotel Hetta 8.55, Hetan Kota 9.00

Ylläs) Ylläsjärvi Lapland Hotel Saaga 9.30, Äkäslompolo Jounin kauppa 9.40

Hetta/Ylläs => Pallas
LA / SATBussit majoituksiin / Buses to Lapland Hotel Pallas or Saaga

Palkintojenjaon jälkeen noin 22.45 ja maalin sulkeuduttua noin 00.30 / After the prize ceremony around 22.45 and after the Elvis has left the building around 00.30


134 km

Middle challenge of Ultra Trail Tour. This one tests together with stamina also your spirit. You know what you are setting yourself up for from this type of run and should have previous experience from longer than marathon races already.

Starting on Friday at 18:00 hrs from Lapland Hotel Saaga, Ylläsjärvi. Finish at Hetta you should reach within 30 hours before Saturday midnight. The journey ahead will see you ascending 3753 m giving you spectacular views.

See route

55 km

Classical hiking trail. 4th race of BUFF Trail Tour Finland. Outstanding scenery , hundreds of friends with similar mind sets.

Come and experience this challenging ascent of 1620 metres. Starting on Saturday at 12:00 hrs from Pallastunturi Visitor Centre. 12 hrs time limit so you should reach finish line before midnight at Hetta.

See route

30 km

“There’s no reason to travel to Lapland for that short…” Bulls@#: spectacular views, demanding trail and challenge of 1080 metre climb.

Race centre, start and finish are located next to Lapland Hotel Saaga at Ylläsjärvi. Starting on Friday at 16:00 hrs; finish closes at midnight.

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